Dog's seven puppies died in a barn fire, but then she gets eight orphaned puppies to care for

Jul 11, 2018
08:46 A.M.

Jessica Woodruff’s dog, Daisy, lost her seven pups to an accidental barn fire that also killed a few other animals. The dog now heals by taking care of other orphaned pups.


According to a YouTube video uploaded by Inside Edition, Woodruff revealed that her barn caught fire due to a probable accident with the heat lamp that was keeping the dogs warm.

The horrible accident that occurred on February 20, 2017, also killed four goats and a pig, much to Woodruff’s dismay.

She later revealed that she had wanted to go into the burning barn to save the three-week-old puppies, but it was too dangerous of a task for her. “It all happened within minutes. It’s horrible,” Jessica told Inside Edition.

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Woodruff also explained that even Daisy tried to go into the burning barn to save her pups but she held it back.

Daisy, who is a Great Pyrenees and Border Collie mix, was heartbroken by the loss of her puppies, and even refused to eat at later stages.

It was even more devastating for Woodruff to know that the dog used to go down to the barn every day and sit outside the door, crying for her loss.


This encouraged Woodruff to do everything in her power to help her dog. So to heal the broken heart of the innocent animal, she took to Facebook and searched for anyone who had puppies in the area requiring a foster home.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

After some search, a woman named Lorna Murphy replied. She explained that her five-year dog, Chloe, died only a few moments after giving birth to eight black and white puppies.

After arranging a meeting, Murphy and Woodruff helped each other out. Together, they gave the bereaved dog, Daisy, eight puppies to care for and to forget her grief.

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