How to pick the perfect watermelon in 5 simple steps

Ksenia Novikova
Jul 18, 2018
12:15 P.M.
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Everyone enjoys a delicious and fresh bite of watermelon fruit, but very few can pick a perfect watermelon that can satisfy that craving.


Bright Side provided some useful tips for selecting the juiciest, tastiest, and fully ripe watermelon from the lot, as per the suggestion of experienced farmers.

The source added that it is possible to tell whether a watermelon is ripe or not without actually cutting it. So when you are out there to shop for these delicious fruits, you can pick up the best one rather than just second-guessing.

The first tip provided by the source is to ‘look for the field spot.’ These fruits have a yellow spot, which is called the field spot. It is the place where the watermelon rested on the ground. Riper watermelons always have creamy yellow or even orange-yellow spots rather than white.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

The second tip is to simply ‘look for webbing.’ Watermelons have web-like brown spots on the surface, which suggest that the bees touched the pollinating parts of the flower many times.


Pollination helps make the fruit sweeter. So if it has more of these web-like brown spots, it suggests that the fruit is sweeter.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik


The third tip that the source provided is to look for the category of the watermelon. Very few people know that watermelons can be categorized into ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ watermelons.

‘Boy’ watermelons are bigger, have an elongated shape, and a watery taste, while the ‘girl’ watermelon has a rounded shape and are sweet, informed the online source

So by carefully observing the shape of the watermelon, one can identify its gender, and, consequently, also predict about its sweetness or taste more accurately.

The fourth tip from the online source is to ‘pay close attention to the size.’ The average-sized watermelons are the better ones rather than either the largest or the smallest ones.

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