July 13, 2018

Kevin Hart's ex-wife slammed after sharing a pic, getting cozy to a mystery white man in bed

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Torrei Hart shares an intimate moment with a mysterious white man months after she revealed she was ready to launch her “hoe” phase. Fans didn’t appreciate her post.

Kevin Hart’s ex-wife Torrei Hart appears to have a new boyfriend as she shares a cozy pic with a white guy. The 40-year-old’s photo reveals an intimate moment with her mysterious man as they lie in bed under a blanket. 


But while Torrei seems happy in her photo, those who witnessed it were not. One follower wrote on The Shade Room’s repost of her Instagram story,

“She just gave Kevin his next joke"

“She can’t do better than that ??”

“Did you pick him up out of the alley? New picture boo... this one looks bad. I usually don't comment on a negative way. But..”

Others even took notice of her man’s missing eyebrows. 


Back in November, Torei declared she was ready to go on a dating spree slash “hoe” phase now that she’s four decades old and after having kids with Kevin when she was young. However, she also said she was going to keep her affairs private.

“There is a guy who is special to me. But I'm not going public with anything. I feel like there's no need to unless I'm married. What's the point?"


Torrei and Kevin broke up years back when the comedian left her for his now-wife Eniko Parish who also just delivered their first child. However, Torrei seemed to have gotten her revenge when recent news revealed the funny man might have cheated on his wife with a stripper while partying in Las Vegas. The incident was captured on film and was about to be sold to tabloid publications when Kevin took to Instagram to apologize for it. It turns out the person who filmed it was his longtime friend Jonathan Todd Jackson. 

Prosecutors charged Jackson with extortion after he demanded a large sum of money from Kevin in exchange for not releasing the tape. 

Kevin and Torrei were divorced in 2011 and share two children, Heaven, 13, and Hendrix, 10.