July 13, 2018

15-year-old girl wows everyone with her performance on 'America's Got Talent'

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California-resident Makayla Philips bags a golden buzzer from the show’s judges, who unanimously agree that they had found a very special contender.

15-year-old Makayla Phillips gave a show-stealing performance at a recent audition episode of America’s Got Talent.

When the Canyon Lake resident walked on to the stage, her persona was instinctively read as modest and shy. After a brief introduction with the judges, it was Makayla’s chance to blow their minds with her talent.

The teenager began singing Demi Lovato’s Warrior, and within the first few notes, she revealed the depth and power of her voice, leaving the judges to watch in awe.


Breaking the stereotype of being a teenager, Makayla’s singing reflected strength, extraordinary vocal range, and emotional expression.

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Her voice was a stark contrast to her reserved demeanor, and as she was engulfed by the song, she took over the entire stage, walking back-and-forth while belting out the lyrics.


The audience cheered the teenager on with a roar of applause throughout her breathtaking performance, while the judges had their eyes locked on to her gripping stage presence.

As she approached the final notes of the song, the audience stood up for Makayla in unison, and among the judges, Heidi Klum joined the crowd in their standing ovation.

Klum was the first among the panel to express her praise for Makayla’s singing, stating that it was filled with all the good elements of a performance.


Klum also quipped that Makayla looked adorable, which added on to the pleasure of listening to her.

Unable to contain her excitement, Klum continued to gush that she found Makayla incredible, and she loved the ‘whole package,’ mentioning her smile, her voice, and her stage presence.

After concluding her comments, Klum immediately hit the golden buzzer, which is the highest mark of approval and appreciation that a contestant on the show can receive from the judges.

This meant that Makayla had qualified straight into the quarterfinal round of the contest, and while golden confetti began to pour down on her, the reaction of the people in the hall was priceless.



Her parents, who had been listening to the performance and the comments from backstage, leaped in joy as they heard the buzzer.

Even Tyra Banks, the hostess of America’s Got Talent, appeared stunned and thrilled by Klum’s decision.

Makayla’s parents rushed to her on stage and wrapped her in a warm embrace, while Klum announced that the show might have found a winner.

Simon Cowell, who is known for being tough to please, also agreed with Klum on Makayla’s performance. He stated that she had picked a difficult song, and had excelled at it with her talent and her confidence.