Update: Woman who assaulted elderly man with a brick has been charged with attempted murder

The 30-year-old woman who attacked a 92-year-old man with a brick on the 4th of July is facing legal charges of attempted murder and elder abuse.

Following the incident of physical abuse involving 30-year-old Laquisha Jones assaulting 92-year-old Rodolfo Rodriguez, Los Angeles prosecutors stated that Jones is facing charges of attempted murder.

As reported by us earlier this week, Rodriguez was talking a routine walk by himself on the Fourth of July, when he is said to have accidentally bumped into a little girl on the street.

Jones, who is believed to be the girl’s mother, pushed Rodriguez and attacked him with a brick, demanding that he return to his country. Rodriguez, a Mexican native and a U.S. resident, was left bleeding from the attack.

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According to NBC News, Jones’ is facing charges for attempted murder and elder abuse. Prosecutors have reportedly requested that $1.125 million be set as the bail amount.

The incident took place in the community of Willowbrook, and according to Rodriguez’s grandson Eric Mendozza, the assault took place shortly before Rodriguez and his family were planning to watch the fireworks.

One of the witnesses Misbel Borjas stated that she saw a Rodriguez being shoved forcefully by an angry woman, who also hit him with a brick.

NOTE: Actual footage of the incident is extremely GRAPHIC. Click here to view. 

Borjas, who earlier claimed that she heard the attacker say ‘Go back to your own country!’ later said that she heard the words ‘Go back, go back.’ Borjas added that she had been driving through the area when the incident took place.

She stated that although she tried to halt and help the old man, the assailant threatened to hurl a brick at the woman’s car. Unable to offer help, Borjas clicked a photograph of the woman and dialed 911.

Borjas also shared that she saw a few men arriving at the scene, and the girl’s mother told them that Rodriguez had tried to take away her child, after which the group of men began to beat him.

The County Sheriff’s Office in Las Vegas has stated that the incident of violence did not classify as a hate crime.

For more information and to offer support, please visit the GoFundMe campaign created for Rodriguez's medical treatment and recovery.

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