Parasite outbreak forces McDonald's to pull item from the menu

Fast-food is known for being quite unhealthy and for lacking freshness, but those are not the only concerns as McDonald's came to learn following a parasite outbreak.

On Friday, July 13, 2018, it was revealed that at least 61 people across seven states have fallen ill due to an outbreak of Cyclospora found in McDonald's salads.

The news was shared by the Food and Drug Administration website, who went on to say that it is of utmost importance to identify the source of the problem in order to reduce additional illness.

The FDA is working alongside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to find out what can be done to minimize the risk of more people getting sick.

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According to Dr. Scott Gottlieb, FDA commissioner, the investigation just started, and steps are being taken to 'help ensure consumers know about the potentially contaminated product.'

The FDA and the CDC believe that people should be aware of the dangers that the product in question represents in order to better protect themselves or seek medical treatment.

Cyclospora is a quite an unusual parasite that can't be removed by simply washing produce, and that causes symptoms such as loss of appetite, weight loss, stomach cramps, bloating nausea, increased gas and fatigue.

McDonald's, the most famous fast-food chain on the planet, has already been informed of the outbreak and they are willingly working with the FDA and the CDC to track down the ingredients back to the source.

According to the FDA website, so far, cases of people falling sick have been reported in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Dakota and Minnesota.

The contaminated salads may have been sold in 3000 outlets across 14 states, which leaves the proper authorities concerned given the fact that even more people might have been exposed to the product.

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