'Living Single's Erika Alexander and TC Carson share pic together on the show's 25th anniversary

Erika Alexander and TC Carson relive their on-screen chemistry while celebrating their off-screen friendship 25 years after their hit show premiered. Photos reveal the two have kept a special bond even after all these years. 

Erika Alexander recently hung out with her ‘Living Single’ co-star Terence ‘T.C.’ Carson and shared photos to commemorate their sweet reunion. 

The 48-year-old who portrayed sassy lawyer Maxine Shaw in the hit 90’s sitcom posed alongside Carson who played pretentious stockbroker Kyle and teasingly smirked in one photo. In another, she leaned and allowed his co-star to land a kiss at the side of her face as she smiled in delight at the precious moment. 

“Toasting 25 years with a good friend,” Alexander penned in her caption.

‘Living Single’ became one of the highest-rated television shows among black audiences during its five-season run. Its story revolved around the lives of four single women who were roommates in Brooklyn. The series also starred Queen Latifah, Kim Coles and Kim Fields along with John Henton. 

Reflecting on the success of the show, creator Yvette Lee Bowser who saw the need for a strong black female voice on television back then told The Root earlier this year she felt blessed the series had a lasting impression on viewers and made history for African American women. 

“I feel blessed that my vision and the characters have stuck with people through the decades. It’s a blessing to set out to make art, make TV and to end up making history. It feels great. It makes me smile, and it’s certainly something to be proud of. After A Different World went off the air, it left a void. There was no longer a platform for strong black female voices. Suddenly, I didn’t see myself. That was my impetus for creating the show.”

Meanwhile, Alexander opened up about what she liked most about her character.

“I had a history of having strong women around me. I went to an all-girls high school, I’ve been taught by really strong women, my mother is a strong woman. When I see Max, I see Whoopi Goldberg, I see Cicely Tyson, I see those strong ’70s women that I grew up looking at. She was a young black woman with dark skin who had a career. Most importantly, she was sexually free and did not apologize for being strong or smart, and she certainly didn’t apologize for liking sex.”

As for Carson, he appreciated his character’s commitment to people and culture. 

“That was the thing I wanted to push with that character. We hadn’t really seen that on TV from a black man who was in the position he was in. A black man that worked on Wall Street that was a stockbroker that had the kind of financial influence that he had. He was also an amalgamation of quite a few people in my life: my father, a lawyer friend of mine, a couple of doctor friends of mine. So I pulled from the people that I knew to create this persona of this person who I thought we should see.”

The full series debuted on Hulu earlier this year after Latifah confirmed last year that a reboot was in the works. She told Andy Cohen on ‘Watch What Happens Live’,

“We're actually working on it. It's not there yet. But, hopefully, we can get it happening.” 

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