July 23, 2018

New poll shows the best president Americans have seen in their lifetimes

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A recent public poll regarding which president has done ‘the best job in their lifetimes,’ revealed Barack Obama as the top choice of most Americans, ahead of any other president.

According to People Press, more than four-in-ten (44%) voters named Obama while only a third (33%) mentioned Bill Clinton, and only 32% mentioned Ronald Reagan.

Donald Trump, who is only halfway through his term, received a nod from almost 19% of the voters. They believed that Trump has done the best or second best job of any president of their lifetimes.

Obama received a similar number of votes in 2011 when he was voted as one of the best presidents by 20% of the Americans



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The survey was conducted by Pew Research Center from June 5 to June 12 among 2,002 adults. The research asked the open-ended question to the participants in regards to which president has done the best job in their lifetimes.

The survey came to its conclusion by analyzing the first as well as second choices of the people.


Several participants also named John F. Kennedy as the best president during their lifetimes. About 12%, which is one-in-ten adults, believed that Kennedy did the best job in the office in their lifetime.

He is named as the best or second best by almost one-fourth of the people who were alive during his presidency. This means 24% of Baby Boomers and 25% of Silent Generation chose Kennedy over other presidents.


The source further hinted that the people’s choice regarding the best president of their lifetimes was partly related to their ages.

This implies that people who are currently ages 22 to 37, the Millennials, are more likely to choose Obama than their older generations.

Similarly, older generations are much more likely to name Reagan as one of the best presidents than Millennials.

In the case of Gen X, who are categorized from ages 38 to 53, seem to be divided in their opinion about the best president during their lifetimes. 45% of them have named Reagan. Nearly as many also named Obama (41%) and Clinton (39%).