Doctor commits suicide after opening up about brutal sexual assault he suffered

Dr Stuart Kidd, a child sexual abuse survivor, took his own life after sharing his traumatic childhood experiences.

The retired doctor, from the New South Wales Blue Mountains, died in May of this year at the age of 60, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

In an episode of the ABC program, You Can’t Ask That, Kidd opened up about the sexual assault he suffered as a child and teenager.

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He said: “I was raped both ends by men 30, 40 years older than myself. And then by an older boy who I thought … thought was a friend. And then by older men again as a teenager"

“I was just being myself, being a boy … paying the consequences for it.”

Kidd added: “Deep down, despite 30 years of therapy, I still think it’s my fault … I know, deep down, that I still blame myself."

Kidd revealed that he attempted to commit suicide three times when he was 11 years old.

The episode, which focuses on survivors of sexual harassment, was filmed in November 2017, according to the statement released by the ABC.

The statement also included messages from Kidd that shows he was glad about how the episode had turned out.

“This February, Stuart, a retired assistant orthopaedic surgeon, and his wife Janet viewed the episode before it went to air. Stuart then emailed the producers to thank the ABC for the opportunity to share his story, writing: ‘WOW! Gobsmacked. Speechless. Brilliant. A. MAZING! … Janet and I are both so very impressed and very grateful. WHAT a special ‘ministry’ you guys have of bringing these stories to everyday Aussies … Thank you,’” the statement read.

Aaron Smith, the You Can’t Ask That series producer/director, paid tribute to Kidd.

He said: “In the very short time we knew Stuart, we were struck by his honesty, openness, strength and resolve in dealing with traumatic childhood experiences."

“Stuart’s contribution to You Can’t Ask That will have a lasting and profound impact on the audience, helping to reduce stigma and increase awareness and understanding for survivors of sexual assault. We share our heartfelt condolences with Stuart’s family and friends.”

Kidd worked with the Survivors & Mates Support Network (SAMSN). Based in Western Sydney, SAMSN is a support group for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

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