Police need help identifying suspect in death of 9-year-old hit by stray bullet

A little girl named Jennifer Trejo was murdered by a stray bullet while she was sleeping in her bed and now police are looking for help to identify the person responsible for her death.

The bullet that killed the 9-year-old came from a shooting that took place in Bridgeton, New Jersey, at around 12:30 am. Jennifer was immediately transported to Inspira Hospital, in Bridgeton, where she was pronounced dead.

CBS published a video on its Youtube page in which the Bridgeton Police Department asks for the community to come together and help bring the unidentified shooter to justice.

It isn't certain how many people were involved in the shooting, but several 9mm shell casings were found scattered around the area, and it is still too early to know if they came from the same firearm.

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Albert Kelly, the Mayor of Bridgestone, revealed that he had been in office for the past eight years and that he had never seen something like this, and went on to describe Tuesday as the worst day of his political life.

Cumberland County Prosecutor, Jennifer Webb-McRae, said that the community has been deeply wounded by the loss of 9-year-old Jennifer, and pleaded for people to come forward with information regarding the case.

Police Chief Michael Garmart Sr. claimed that, in cases like this, Police need all the help they can get, and that the public's help is a valuable resource for the ongoing investigation.

Without any leads, Bridgeton Police Department is highly dependent on any possible information that residents might have, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

Police presence has now increased in the area and dozens of people have been interviewed on Tuesday morning. A $10,000 reward has also been made available for whoever can lead the proper authorities towards a suspect.

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