Diana Ross' granddaughter flashes radiant smile while wearing cute ponytails in photo with daddy

Jul 18, 2018
04:40 P.M.
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The little granddaughter of the famed singer appears in plenty of social media posts among her famous family members, but the tot seems perfectly suited to stardom already!


Jagger Ross, the daughter of Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson, is just 2 years old, but the toddler has already taken to the cameras with aplomb, if the amount of Instagram photos she stars in is anything to go by. 

The sweet little girl was always going to be in the limelight as the granddaughter of Diana Ross, but she seems completely unfazed. 

Another adorable photo of her was recently posted by her father, and while Evan was pulling a face at the camera, his daughter just smiled angelically at the camera while she stood there with her gorgeous hair in cute pigtails. 


"Ur gorgeous!!!!!" Evan captioned the photo. Fans flocked to the comments section to gush over the sweet little girl. 

While Evan had foregone his shirt for the snap, his daughter was wearing a black and white patterned shirt, and a grin that showed off her pearly whites. 

The pair appeared to be relaxing at home at the time. 


Appearing on the red carpet at the American Music Awards in November 2017, Simpson and Evans shared that even though Jagger is just 2 years old, she is already putting on singing shows for the family at home on a daily basis. 

Simpson shared that even if she didn't necessarily want her daughter going into showbiz, she likely wouldn't have a say in the matter. 

With a famous grandmother in the form of Diana Ross - who Jagger fondly calls her "ami" - and a famous aunt in Evan's sister Tracee Ellis Ross, the precious little girl is certainly not short on inspiration from the entertainment industry. 


Simpson also dished that Jagger loves going to her grandmother's concerts, and was even taken to one by her aunt Tracee recently. 

The little girl was as eager to dazzle just as Diana did on stage, and chose to wear a pink sequined dress with a fluffy pink jacket for the occasion. Tracee matched the pink outfit of her niece with a blazer and poloneck, but opted for a red lipstick.

"[Jagger]'s a little star already though. It's crazy. She's a star," Evan said of his daughter. "She's into her 'Ami'. She wants the sparkles and the microphone!"