July 20, 2018

3-year-old boy amazed crowd with powerful singing of national anthem

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Drake Grillo, 3, wowed the audience after he sang the Star-Spangled Banner at a minor league baseball game.

The video, shared by CBS News, was recorded recently at the Auburn Doubledays home game against the Lowell Spinners.

Drake, from Auburn, New York, is a major fan of a minor league team known as the Auburn Doubledays.

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The team loves the little boy back. They then asked him if he could sing the national anthem before the game.

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Though Drake didn’t have weeks to practice, he walked up there with confidence and sang his heart out.

The crowd smiled as he focused on singing. It soon became clear that he knew every single word of the national anthem.

Drake received many praises, and his video has been shared broadly across social media platforms.

Facebook user Giltina Marshall wrote: "You are a very special little man. You made everyone very proud of you. You sang the National Anthem wonderfully. Mom and Dad i know you are very proud of him regardless but extra proud since he did such and excellent job."



"He blew it out the ball park better then adults bring this baby boy to the super ball Fantastic," Teri Magro added.

"This little boy is awesome. Knows all the words and really belts them out. Next year its major league time," commented Jerry Piffer.

"Drake you did a phenomenal job singing our national anthem. Great job!" wrote Glady D'Amico.

Drake’s mom, Chelsea Grillo, told CNYCentral: “I was really nervous. I didn't know how to be calm for him and help him with the words to keep him going, but he really just did it all himself."


“I was proud of him,” she added.

According to Chelsea, Drake has been singing the Star-Spangled Banner since last winter.

Drake is scheduled to sing the national anthem again at the Auburn Doubledays game. But this time it would be for another cause.

His performance will act as a fundraiser for those with hip dysplasia just like his sister. The “Sips and Flips for Hips” event will take place on July 29.