Prince Charles shows off personal family photos in Buckingham Palace exhibit

Prince Charles, who will soon turn 70 years old, is sharing some of his all-time favorite artwork in a special Buckingham Palace exhibit, which includes never-seen-before pictures of the Royal Family.

Some of the pictures represent special moments, such as Prince Harry's Wedding to Meghan Markle on May 19, 2018, or Harry posing next to his father after an Apache helicopter ride while he was in training.

According to Simon Perry, Chief foreign correspondent of People Magazine, one of the most meaningful photos in the exhibit is the one where Prince George, as a baby, is being held by his grandfather as Prince William stands beside them.

The photo is usually displayed at Highgrove, Charles' country home, but it has now been put on display along with other framed pictures and portraits, in order to represent the  Prince of Wales' love for art.

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The photos are used to add a personal touch to the homes, as a well as to show some of the best art pieces in the Royal Collection and artistic charities supported by Prince Charles.

Aside from private photos of Prince William and Prince Harry, Charles also possesses a recent portrait of his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, and two oil sketches created by Eileen Hogan, who also painted Prince Charles at Birkhall in 2016.

An avid reader, Queen Elizabeth's son owns many books, which have been put on display on carefully positioned side tables under the artworks filling the walls of the Palace's Ball Supper Room.

A seven-foot--high cedar wood pavilion dome, created by Naseer Yasna, from Turquoise Mountain, one of the charities that Charles supports, has been placed in the center of the exhibit.

So far, Queen Elizabeth is yet to see the summer opening show, which also includes a triptych of paintings representing three Yezidi women - Wase, Oansa and Lelia - who have been persecuted by the Islamic State in Northern Iraq.

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