July 25, 2018

Former Amish member made frank confession about her escape from the community

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Author of the novel Runaway Amish Girl opens up about her life before she escaped.

Emma Gingerich spent over ten years alone after she ran away from her family, who lived in an Amish community in Ohio. She struggled to survive alone in the world, with no support from family, and with minimal education.

Gingerich has written a book about her experience, finished high school and has a college degree. Gingerich opened up about her awful experience in an open interview with Megyn Kelly on the Today show.

The 30-year-old only had a primary education growing up. Most of the teachings were in German, and it ended when she turned 14. Read more about Emma Gingerich on our Twitter account @amomama_usa



After her basic education in the community, Gingerich was made to take part in daily household chores and to babysit her 13 siblings who grew up with her in her home. 

The Amish community has been romanticized in modern culture, mostly through books and movies, for its simplicity and peacefulness. As per Gingerich, it only looked beautiful from afar, and not when you're a part of it.


As is the case with most Amish communities, they lived without any electricity or running water, shunning technological advances on the principle of religion.

Strict clothing restrictions are followed, where girls have to wear modest, ankle-length dresses and a bonnet to cover all of their hair. By 16, they are married off in arranged marriages.


When Gingerich started working for Non-Amish Families nearby, she realized that there was a lot more to the world than she realized.

She came to know about cars and different technology used across the world and realized that she was missing out on many things in her life. 

12 years after the drastic decision, Gingerich said that she had no regrets in how she has lived. Although she still missed her family, she shared that she won't be able to adjust in the Amish society ever again.