If you spot a similar brown patch in your lawn, don’t touch it

A homeowner discovered a spot of dried brown grass among the green grass on his lawn but decided to call the Ontario wildlife removal immediately.

The clip was recorded by the rescue team and posted on YouTube on June 12, 2017.

Once the winter is gone and summer arrives, it is time to spend some time outside on the lawns. 

It is extremely soothing to the eyes to peep outside the window and see a properly maintained lawn. However, there are times when one may see a brown patch that seems likes an irritation to the eyes. 

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In such an instance, it is extremely crucial to know what exactly to do.

The most appropriate action would be to leave that brown patch as it is and call the expert to investigate the anomaly.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

The video teaches the exact same thing. There is no reason for worry; the patch is not something that causes any harm. One needs to ensure that one does not cause any harm to the patch. 

In the clip, a homeowner who discovered a brown patch in his manicured lawn, immediately called Ontario wildlife removal. He did this because he also saw something moving under the brown patch.

When a representative from the wildlife removal came to the scene, he saw wilted and dry grass.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

While he did know what exactly was to be done, he went a step further and requested his partner to shoot the video to share the information related to the issue with people around the world.

The question then arises- is the problem extremely serious? Not really - what appeared to be a brown patch was, in reality, a rabbit’s nest full of tiny bunnies born a few weeks ago. 

Experts suggest that one must ignore a rabbit’s nest present in the yard. One will never find the mother rabbit tending to the nest the entire day. 

She will probably check on the bunnies, one or two times in a day. She is aware that if she stays with her bunnies the entire day, it would be easy to spot the bunnies.

Since the mother is away, the bunnies tend to burrow deeper inside the nest for a warmer place. This keeps them away from the sight of the predators.

Meanwhile, the bunnies will grow up and most probably, in a few weeks, grow old enough to leave the nest.

Rabbits make nests in open spaces as they know the predators are not likely to harm their little ones in areas where the predators themselves are vulnerable to be attacked. 

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