Mother's distraught reaction upon realizing she forgot her baby in a hot car (video)

A Good Samaritan's timely intervention prevented a tragedy in Florida

A tragedy was averted on the 17th of July 2018 when a passing woman noticed a baby alone in the back of a locked car, baking in the Florida summer heat.

Jessica Kaiser immediately called 911 and finding the car door unlocked, rescued the baby.

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office confirmed that the 8-month old boy was found at around 3:15 p.m. in Orange City, in a parking lot adjacent to a supermarket located about 30 miles north of Orlando.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood posted a video on Twitter to publicly thank Jessica Kaiser for her role in saving the baby.

"There is a baby in a car. We just opened the door, but we don't know where the people are. The baby is in the car in its car seat. We opened the door to at least get air into the car!"

Jessica Kaiser, 911 Call, 17th of July 2018.

The sheriff's office said that thanks to Kaiser's timely intervention, deputies found the baby in "health and good spirits."

The deputies then initiated a search for the adult responsible who turned out to be the child's mother, 33-year-old Meagan Burgess, who came back to her car 24 minutes after the 911 call was made.

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The It is good to remember that temperatures inside a vehicle can rise 20 degrees in 10 minutes, and infants are particularly vulnerable to heatstroke.

The deputies captured Burgess' horrified reaction when she realized she had left her baby in the car on video.  

The distraught mother told deputies she had forgotten the baby was in the car. She had dropped off her other children with a family member and didn't realize the baby was still in the backseat.

Burgess was charged with child neglect and endangerment and appeared in court for her arraignment on the 18th of July 2018.

The judge released Burgess on her own recognizance but forbade her any contact with the baby while the incident remains under investigation.

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