You might be surprised by these facts about Malia Obama

Pedro Marrero
Jul 24, 2018
04:36 A.M.
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The oldest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama managed to keep a considerably low profile given that she lived with one of the most powerful men in the world for eight years. But her secrets are starting to surface.


Since they first arrived at the White House, the Obama’s were determined to give their two daughters the most normal life they could, and they did everything in their power to keep them away from the spotlight.

But now that this family is out of the protected bubble of the presidential residence and workplace, and with Malia, who has just turned 20, living her college years and figuring out her own path in life, she is making news and becoming more public.

The Obama girls were just 7 and 10 by the time their father got elected. Nowadays, though, they both have grown up to become lovely young women who try to follow their ambitions and interests as regular citizens.


Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting facts about the oldest child of one of America’s most popular First Couples. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.


She has a very complicated birthday date

Malia was born on a Fourth of July. That means she shares her birthday with the US. And while it might be an auspicious sign for a President’s daughter and to any proud American, it also means that she rarely had the chance to celebrate it.

During the Obama administration, Malia was mainly jumping between his father’s appointments. Her 18th birthday, though, she enjoyed an epic celebration with Janelle Monae and Kendrick Lamarr as guests. Not bad at all.


The Secret Service taught her how to drive

For security reasons, current and former high profile government officials are not allowed to drive a car. That means that Malia never had the chance to get her parents to teach her how to do it.

With the Secret Service always around, taking her anywhere she needed, it was natural that they took on the task to guide her on her first attempts at driving.


 She is passionate about movies and filmmaking

Malia has shown a great interest in the film and TV industry since her early teenage years, as her mother shared, and she has already gathered some experience, having interned as a production assistant in various occasions.

As part of her gap year, she was an intern at the Weinstein Company. She had the chance to work with stars such as Halle Berry and Lena Dunham, who has both praised Malia for her work ethic.


Her Spanish is very good

Then-President Barack Obama told ABC that Malia was so skilled at speaking Spanish that she served as his personal interpreter during the First Family historic trip to Cuba in 2016.

Her interest in the language took her to Bolivia and Peru. She was also an intern at the US embassy in Spain in the summer of 2016. ‘Her Spanish is much better than mine, and I'm hoping she has a chance to get entirely fluent,’ her father shared.