Jacob and Molly Roloff make rare appearance together in full family photo

Molly and Jacob Roloff have made a particularly rare appearance at a family gathering to celebrate their grandfather Ron's 80th birthday, which Amy Roloff didn't attend.

The gathering took place over the weekend and, on Sunday, July 22, 2018, Matt Roloff, the patriarch of the famous TLC family, shared a special photo of the reunion.

The picture was uploaded to Instagram, where fans and followers of the family were able to enjoy the Roloffs' smiley faces, as well as Caryn Chandler's.

Matt's new girlfriend, who many believe to be with him because of his fame and fortune, attended the party to show the family her support.

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Molly and Jacob are no longer part of the show and both had their reasons to leave. Molly currently lives in Spokane, Washington, with her husband Joel Silvius, which means that she was the one who had to travel the furthest to meet the rest of the family.

As for Jacob, although he lives near Roloff Farms with his fiancée, Isabel Rock. He left Little People, Big World in 2016 after deciding that he didn't want to be part of the show anymore due to issues with the production crew.

Amy and Matt's youngest child, Jacob revealed that life didn't feel real anymore and that the family's dynamic had changed drastically ever since they started shooting for TLC.

According to him, producers expected the Roloffs to act like robots and follow specific directions during scenes especially created for television, something that Jacob didn't believe to be healthy nor right for the family.

Ultimately, the 21-year-old left the show because he was tired of living a lie. He didn't feel comfortable being a made-up person for the sake of drama to entertain people through a television screen.

He now lives a happy life away from the cameras with Isabel. In January, Jacob proposed to Isabel, and they are expected to mary next year, which means that Roloff family will continue to grow.

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