Omar Epps steals hearts with picture of his 'brother' on special day

Omar Epps tugged on some heartstrings as he posted a touching tribute to one of his brothers on his special day. 

While many would think that Epps would be pertaining to one of his biological brothers, he was actually talking about his brother-from-another-mother, Marlon Wayans. 

The duo goes way back, so there is no question as to why Omar would feel the need to pay tribute to Marlon's birthday. The sweet message was posted on Instagram and included all the reasons why Marlon deserves all the blessings in the world. While Epps seems to be the sweeter friend for this heart-melting tribute, it seems Marlon is one amazing friend as well based on what is written on the tribute. 

"Happy birthday to my day one brother from another @marlonwayans!! You are a humble soul, anchored in God, a great father, an incredible talent, and a true inspiration. Keep letting your light shine and walking in fearlessness!"

Wayans and Epps have been spotted together constantly through the years, proving that they really are the best of friends. The two of them go way back, both attending LaGuardia High School and graduating in 1990. Once they got out, the two kept in touch, and eventually co-produced the theme song of "The Wayans Brothers". 

"Thank you for every jewel and every drop of knowledge you’ve shared with me. Thank you for constantly pushing me to be my best self. I’m extremely proud of your evolution overall, and this is merely the beginning of another chapter of excellence for you."

It is quite clear that these two actors are more than just friends, they are brothers. They protect each other at all costs, even when other people diss on them. This was proven back in 2014, when Lord Jamar got into an argument with the "Scary Movie" actor for dissing on Omar who was wearing something that resembled a skirt on The View. 

As previously reported on Vlad TV, Jamar tweeted a screenshot of Epps in the alleged "skirt", posting "What the bloodclot???!!!", which caught Marlon's attention. He then messaged Jamar saying "the real question is why you taking close [expletive] of a [expletive] crotch and tweeting it? U wearing an invisible dress. #real2snapsupofu". Lord Jamar then responded with "I'm not the one who took the pic it was sent to me...why u worried? U like that style huh? Lol."

That whole Twitter fiasco caught the attention of a lot of people but has died down through the years. It just goes to show the lengths in which these two would go for one another. 

"So keep on keeping on bro! Me and @mitchmarchand got your back no matter what, the good, the bad, and the ugly. You already know family first by any means! Love you brother!"

Happy Birthday, Marlon! 

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