Joan Collins, 85, was attacked by an annoying fan in Saint-Tropez

The iconic star Joan Collins was reportedly bombarded by an aggressive fan, who asked for selfies, as she was out shopping with a friend in St. Tropez.

Collins was forced to step back and pull away from a fan, who appeared to be overly excited upon seeing his idol, on July 20th.

The 85-year-old star initially agreed to pose for a snap with the man, but he reportedly insisted to take more pictures with Collins, as revealed by the Daily Mail.

Images posted by the media outlet showed Collins pulling her arm away from the fan.

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Collins was spotted wearing a stylish black and white, printed dress while walking around St. Tropez.

She matched the outfit with a white, wide-brimmed hat, and a pair of gold platform wedges.

According to reports, she was approached by a man, who claimed was a fan. He asked for a quick photo and the actress happily obliged.

After they posed together, the man appeared to have insisted to take more, but Collins refused and pulled away from his grasp.

She then reportedly called the man a “rude and obnoxious person” before she walked away with her friend.

Collins’ representative said to the Daily Mail, “Joan agreed to a photo and then the man roughly grabbed at her afterward and tried to pull her towards him.”

The incident comes after Collins’ interview with Hello! Magazine in May 2018, where she talked about her marriage with 53-year-old Percy Gibson.

The couple exchanged vows sixteen years ago and Collins revealed that the secret to their lasting marriage is supporting each other.

Collins said that they both understand that there will always be “highs and lows” in a marriage.

“You won't always agree about everything, but you need to enjoy each other's company. Percy is such an amazing man, he is so kind and so caring,” she said.

As for her acting career, Collins still remains active as she is set to make an appearance in American Horror Story’s latest eight series with the sub-title, Apocalypse.

The show will premiere on September 12, 2018, on FX.

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