July 25, 2018

Darci Lynne performs thrilling version of country classic without puppets

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Darci Lynne Farmer wowed the crowd yet again as she performed a lovely rendition of country hit Blue Moon of Kentucky.

A video of her dazzling performance, during which she didn't sing with any puppet, was shared on the YouTube channel, My Looney Bin.

Darci Lynne rose to stardom after winning the hit talent search show, America's Got Talent, where she showed off her stunning skills as a ventriloquist.

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She also charmed the judges and television viewers with her sense of humor. But more than anything else, she impressed everyone with her powerful voice. She can pull off a variety of musical styles, from opera to country.

When she performed the country bluegass classic, Blue Moon of Kentucky, the famous ventriloquist's equally famous puppet was nowhere in sight.

Originally written by the late blueglass legend, Bill Monroe, the song was revived by Elvis Presley in 1954. Another legendary singer, Patsy Cline, recorded the song in 1963.

Darci Lynne made her own version over 70 years after the song was first recorded, and she didn't disappoint.



Posted to YouTube on November 17, 2017, Darci Lynne's performance has amassed more than 700,000 views.

The video has also drawn more than 500 comments from adoring fans.

"I think what makes her so popular  is her sweet personality. So pure and innocent. I hope she stays that way throughout her career," Thomas Jefferson commented.


Fans also shared their thoughts about comparisons between Darci Lynne and her fellow America's Got Talent performer, Angelica Hale.

"A great voice! And, if I hear one more person compare sweet Angelica's voice to hers, I will scream, as they both are so different, but wonderful!" wrote Gale Andrews.

"Beautiful voice. I don't see how anyone could compare her to Angelica. They both have amazing voices, in different genres," John May chimed in.