Family with sextuplets recreate their beloved portrait after 6 years

Jul 26, 2018
02:00 A.M.
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Parents Mia and Rozonno McGhee and their sextuplets recreated a 6-year-old photograph that went viral.


A video uploaded to YouTube by UPtv showed the behind-the-scenes glimpses of the photo shoot of the McGhee family, where the photographers seem busy trying to get the similar poses that won the hearts in 2010.

The earlier photograph of the family showed the naked newborns lying on their father’s back, while their mother watches them lovingly.

They worked with photographer Brian Killian and his wife, Janine Killian – the team that clicked their photograph in 2010, according to ABC News. Brian told the source that he had a fun time working with the family yet again.


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"Those children are so lovable," the photographer of 25 years added. "They just want to hug you. They're full of love and full of joy. They were great."

This time around, however, the 6-year-old children were dressed in blue jeans and tank tops, and their poses were also slightly changed. The poses of the parents remained the same.


The new photo required a total of 15 minutes to shoot. Brian and Janine took the photographs of two siblings at a time and, later, created the final image with Photoshop. Brian revealed that it was the same methodology used while taking the previous family photograph as well.


According to Inspire, the McGhee family enjoyed success by showcasing their life with sextuplets in a show titled 6 Little McGhees.

The program first aired in December 2016 and it follows the life of McGhees as they attempt to balance between raising six children, their upholstery and carpet business, and their marriage. The show was renamed Growing Up McGhee on June 8, 2016, after it returned on UPtv.