Parents of Mexican child can not attend the funeral of the daughter, fearing that they will be deported

Relatives who survive Luz González, the Mexican girl who died after being run over by a vehicle that fled from the scene, are still fighting to have charges brought against the person who was behind the wheel.

Roughly a month after the hit-and-run tragedy outside Clean City Laundry in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a campaign in Care2Petitions has already gathered more than 42,000 signatures demanding justice for the late 4-year-old, reported El Diario NY.

‘The women Jeanette Maria who ran over her ran away from the scene, and when later questioned, she told officers she had no idea and was not arrested nor charged,’ reads the petition. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

On June 24, González was standing next to her mother, Reyna Candia, playing with a skateboard on the sidewalk next to the laundromat’s parking lot at the corner of Wyckoff Avenue and Hart Street, when one of her shoes fell off.

As the mother bent down to put it back on, a van pulled back out of the parking lot, and then went forward, hitting both of them.

Although the unfortunate incident was caught on video by a security camera from across the street the New York Police Department stated that it was an accident and that the driver did not realize that she had impacted the child and her mother.

The agency's opinion on the case has not changed despite complaints made by family and friends, who have issued the campaign #JusticeForLuz.

The victim’s family shared that the woman identified only as Jeanette Maria allegedly not only denied any responsibility about what happened, but she threatened to call U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on them.

Local media reported that Gonzalez's parents did not travel to the infant's funeral in Mexico for fear that they would not be able to return to the United States, as a result of the alleged threats.

Candia and her husband are currently processing their ‘green cards’, but they fear that the process will be stalled as a result of the controversy that the case has generated.

According to Brooklyn Paper, Gonzalez's body was taken to Mexico without company and buried on July 3. Her parents performed a service in Brooklyn that same day, in memory of the child.

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