'Empire' star Terrence Howard 's 3-year-old son is dad's exact mini-me in close-up pic

Terrence Howard commemorates his son’s 3rd birthday with a photo of the little boy with a unique name. He was born at a time when the actor’s marriage to his son’s mother was headed for divorce.  

It’s been three years since Terence Howard welcomed his first child with his wife Mira Pak and the actor is grateful for his blessing. In an Instagram post commemorating his son’s 3rd birthday, the ‘Empire’star had only best wishes for him.

“3 years ago on this very day you forever changed our lives... you are so fearless and beautiful Qirin Love. May the blessings of your God Like Nature beautify this Universe 4 EVER! Daddy and MommyHappy Birthday.”

Qirin, named after a mythical Chinese creature believed to come before a time of prosperity, arrived at a time in Terrence’s life when his marriage to the child’s mother was on the rocks. In fact, Mira began divorce proceedings while she was still pregnant with Qirin in March 2015, just two months before his birth. Terrence and Mira were married in 2013 and announced they were expecting their first child in January 2015. 

When Qirin was born, Terrence revealed him to the world by posting a photo of the two of them sleeping together. He tweeted,

“A mythical ½ dragon ½ lion who glides above the land so as not to harm even a blade of grass… meet Qirin Love!”

Unknown to many at the time, he was already having problems with his marriage and would soon shock the world with the announcement of their divorce. 

But that wasn’t the end of Terrence and Mia who eventually found themselves welcoming their second child in August 2016. The couple revealed they were expecting another baby when they appeared together on the red carpet of the ‘Empire’ FYC ATAS event where Mira proudly flaunted her baby bump. 

At the time it was unclear what their relationship status was though there were talks they reconciled months after their August 2015 divorce. Mira was also noticeably sporting a large diamond on her finger during the event. 

In 2017, however, Mira was referred to as Terrence’s wife during an interview the actor gave to People magazine. Opening up about the mother of his two youngest children who’s also a former model and restaurateur, he revealed,

“Mira settled me. Our marriage is effortless. Relationships are hard work, but we really don’t fight.”

The couple now live a stress-free family life in the actor's Southern California home with Quirin and their second son, Hero. Terrence has three other children from his previous marriage to Lori McCommas.

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