Monica Calhoun fires back at critics slamming her over son's hair in recent video

Protective mother Monica Calhoun tried to contain her anger speaking on a video she posted where she defends her choices to her critics. 

Monica Calhoun was visibly a little upset over an issue about her son’s hair that was brought to her attention recently. She took to her Instagram to post a video where she confronts the issue poses a question to her fans. 

In the clip, the actress is seen walking with her son who has special needs and suffers from blindness. She narrates her encounter with some people who seemed to have a problem with her child’s afro hairstyle. 

“Somebody has a little issue with me allowing my son to grow an afro,” Monica began as she looked straight at the camera while walking alongside her son. She panned the camera to reveal her son sporting the hairdo. 

Monica went on to say that she found a “cool barbershop”, the name of which she can’t recall but she said it was a brand new shop that suggested she have her son’s afro shaped up. 

“But it looks good to me”, Monica insisted, panning the camera to her son again so fans could appreciate his hairstyle like she does. 

“I don’t know… it’s still growing. What do you think?”

Posing the question to her followers, Monica ended her clip staring straight at the camera. 

Monica’s fans agreed her son’s hair looks perfectly fine. Several comments on her video commended the actress for being a good mother and maintaining her stand about the afro do. 

“Love your sons Afro. Your doing a great job mom!”

“I love it. Momma knows best. Keep focusing on what really matters Monica.”

“People need to stay in their own lane! & keep Their opinions to themselves”

“Why people gotta find the worst in everything. That baby is fine ok”

“It looks great! Such a handsome young man & you’re a beautiful mom!”

It was during the premiere of the 47-year-old’s film ‘The Best Man’s Holiday’ in 2013 when she first introduced her son to the world. She brought him along and many noticed he appeared to be a child with special needs who’s also blind. It was later discovered Monica’s brother Eric also suffered from blindness like her son. In 2016, the actress opened up about growing up with her brother’s condition.

“The way I grew up is just a little bit different than everybody else, because my was born blind. So my perception on the world and things is just a little bit different."

"My compassion and my sensitivity are heightened because of my brother’s blindness…and spending a lot of time with him. And you know, teaching him things that I’ve learned…and then vice versa somewhat. Me spending time with him at his programs…like ‘The Braille Institute’…just different little things. So I got a chance to experience life on a different level. Patience in watching these people that volunteer to work with children that have some sort of impairment.”

Having grown up with her brother's condition, it's no wonder Monica is very protective over her son. The devoted mom's Instagram account is a testament to her love and dedication to him. Most of her posts involve the two of them spending time together. Here are some of their special moments in pictures. 

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