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July 27, 2018

Declutter your home in 30 days with a free and useful declutter challenge

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Here’s how you can declutter your home of all the unused and underused materials in just under 30 days.

Love and Marriage Blog provided a complete 30-day guide to decluttering one’s home which can reduce the clutter and make the home clean and tidy.

The challenge involves looking after one specific sector or place in the house each day. So by following a routine, one can declutter the house in less than a month.

The declutter guide suggested by the blog helps you make your home a place that feels ‘calm and un-busy’ rather than chaotic.



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1. Empty one junk drawer

On the first day, all you have to do is clear out that one junk drawer in the house. Ignore the rest and give it your all to clean up this particular mess.

2. Get rid of things you no longer wear

Cleaning up your wardrobe is the thing to do on the second day. There are so many items that we no longer wear or no longer fits us. They need to be sorted.



3. Sort out your movie collection

The third day involves sorting out the DVDs or other albums that you no longer require or have forgotten about altogether.

4. Clean out the television stand

Cables, DVDs, old remotes, and whatnot – there are just too many things we keep on your television stand. They look messy and most of the time we don’t even need them. It’s time to get rid of those items.

5. Go through your mail pile

Bills, files, and other flyers as well as newspapers stack up quickly and make things look messy around the house. On the fifth day, only focus on cleaning up these items collected in the mail.



6. Clean off your kitchen table

There are just too many things that are just carelessly placed over the kitchen table. From children’s homework to loose sheets of paper, all these items be cleaned and organized in their proper places.



7. Purge two kitchen cabinets

So many dishes or kitchen equipment are just there but never come to use. One can easily do away with these excess materials either by donating or gifting.

8. Discard old books

You can consider donating or gifting old books that you have read too many times or those that you no longer require.

9. Clean out your wallet

All the empty gift cards, bills, old business cards, and canceled credit or debit cards can be thrown away to organize your wallet.



10. Throw away empty or almost-empty containers in the shower

Take note of all those cans and bottles of shampoos and other products that are already finished but are just lying in your bathroom. Get rid of them.

Besides these, the blog suggested other several ways of decluttering one’s home in the next 20 days:



11. Clean out your purse

12. Purge your makeup drawer/bag

13. Purge your bathroom cabinets

14. Go through your families shoes (donate what doesn’t fit)

15. Purge 2 more kitchen cabinets

16. Organize your linen closet

17. Purge your medicine cabinet

18. Go through your freezer and dump old items

19. Clear off your kitchen counters



20. Empty another junk drawer

21. Go through your fridge and dump old items

22. Purge 2 more kitchen cabinets

23. Get rid of unused accessories (jewelry, hats, etc.)

24. Clean out your car

25. Discard kids unused toys

26. Organize toys that are left

27. Go through board games and electronic games – donate unused

28. Organize and discard cleaning supplies

29. Purge 2 more kitchen cabinets

30. Clean! Get your newly organized home all sparkly