Mother allows 15-year-old daughter to get tattoo in honor of late father

Diana Register of Meridian, Idaho allowed her 15-year-old daughter to get a tattoo despite the possibility of getting harshly criticized.

The 45-year-old mother shared about her decision on Love What Matters. She was surprised when one day her daughter came up to her and asked for permission to get a tattoo.

"We talked about it and she told me that she wanted to get a very small, very appropriate tattoo to honor her dad, who passed away from cancer when she was 13. Even with that reasoning, I still struggled with it," she said.

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Two years ago, her older sister, Savanna, had the roman numerals 'I IV IX' tattooed on the top of her foot. This tattoo was a tribute to her father's police badge number.

"I couldn't think of a more beautiful tribute. In fact, it still takes my breath away," Diana wrote.

She continued: "I started thinking about the meaning and it was so much deeper than just numbers. You see, after his valiant fight with his disease, his badge number has become synonymous with strength, courage and hope. That's what it means to me, and clearly what it means to my kids."

Her husband's death had a tremendous impact on their daughter Savannah and Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn had watched as his father took his last breath on the hospital bed.

After a month, Kaitlyn returned to competitive gymnastics and won the state championship for her age and level that year. She continued with her life, moving to different places, making new friends and even changing schools.

She also got helped raise awareness on pancreatic cancer, which took her father's life.

"So when Kaitlyn and her sister decided to get a tattoo to respect the battle and to honor their hero that fell, there was no way I was standing in the way of that. Not for a second," Diana wrote.

Diana herself got a tattoo as a tribute to her late husband. It was his husband's EKG, showing his heartbeat just before he died.

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