Horse's favorite song starts playing and he proves just how easy line-dancing is

One horse proves that it can do more than just prance, jump, and sidestep by performing amazing dance moves in front of a full-house audience.

A video uploaded to YouTube reveals the horse performing a line dance routine in perfect synchronization and harmony with other rodeos which are quite flawless.

In the beginning, the audience cannot quite grasp what kind of a spectacle is about to unfold before them as several dancers in cowboy dresses and a horse, with its rider on top, stand in a formation at the center of the stage.

After a few moments, a musical beat starts to play over the loudspeakers. Then once the song starts to play, the horse begins moving his legs.

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Soon, the audience begins to see a pattern in the horse’s movements. There is a rhythm to it because the horse is actually line dancing to the beat of the music.

As soon as the audience realize this, a huge cheer and applause ring in the air. People also break into hysteria after being shocked by the sudden dance moves of the animal

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

All around the horse, the cowboys perform their own line dance movement, moving their legs and body in perfect harmony. The horse continues to match them, step-for-step, throughout the song, surprising everyone present in the audience.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Toward the end of the performance, the dancing group assumes the same formation that they had started with. As the music dies, the crowd erupts into cheers and applause of pure adoration.

The miraculously flawless dance video of the horse has been well received by the people on the internet. It has been viewed for over 1 million times so far.

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