Sandra Bullock's life has had some drama, but now she's happy with her partner

The Oscar-winning actress, Sandra Bullock, seems to have found true love in real life.

The year was 1996, Sandra Bullock was tired and weary-looking from the looking-for-love process. She had mentioned she was dating someone 'sweet' in a 1996 interview. Most likely, she was referring to Dan Padilla.

Dan Padilla had been Bullock's date to the premiere of The Net in 1995. In the same interview with Detour, she mentioned that getting to that point had been tough for her.

Today the age of 54, Bullock seems to have found the life she desired. Bryan Randall the Portland, Oregon native, used to be a model before setting up his own photography business.

The pair was first spotted in 2015 although they had been dating in private for a few months. Read more about Sandra Bullock on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

Their paths crossed each other when Randall was booked to photograph on Louis' fifth birthday. This made him realize how Bullock's focus was on her children.

For Randall, who was a father himself, this was not a challenge. He became an instant hit with Bullock's children. She recently mentioned as far as his children were concerned he is No.1 and she is No.2.

She vividly recollected how she found hard to date initially. She called it 'the worst experience she ever had.' Bullock said she seemed to be attracting people who have intentions very different than from what she felt was good.

Bullock clarified that not that all the men she met were after the fortune or her fame, but they simply did not share Bullock's values.

This led her into a dark corner emotionally and she began to think maybe she was not going to find someone who would love her and would like to enjoy life with her.

All this was a good decade and a half before she met with Jesse James. James has a cavalier attitude towards infidelity. He had famously remarked that cheating was a 'part of life'.

It was at this time that Bullock had won an Oscar and adopted her first child Louis. She had considered Jesse as a father to Louis and the unavoidable break-up would leave her an emotional wreck.

She ended up blaming herself for all that had transpired taking up responsibility for Jesse's behavior. She then spent the next few years focused on her children.

She adopted another child 6-year-old Laila in 2015. She also focussed on her movie career and managed another Academy Award nomination for Gravity.

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