Parents allegedly locked children in 'dungeon' and threatened them with loaded gun

Five children in Lansing, Michigan were confined to a dungeon for extended periods of time and were beaten and physically assaulted by their parents for 6 years.

On Thursday, the Lansing State Journal reported that 32-year-old Yenier Conde, 28-year-old Sarah Conde, 28, used to lock their kids in a bedroom and screw the door tight.

The police described the bedroom as a 'dungeon'. The lights were turned off and the children had no access to food or water or bathroom. The couple would threaten these kinds with guns or beat them up.

According to the report, the abuse started in 2011 and continued till 2017 when it was brought to light. Read more about the case on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

Lansing Detective Pete Scaccia mentioned the horrific details of the story and also gave a description of the physical and verbal abuse these kids went through. The couple also denied their children medical care.

One child was reportedly not allowed to continue to see their cancer doctor. In another instance, the children had flooded the home's bathroom. Sarah Conde lined the kids up and aimed a loaded gun at them.

According to their oldest son, their mother made them stand in a sequence so that the youngest child would be in front and in case he got shot the blood would spill on the next child and then the next child can move forward.

But fortunately for the youngest child, the gun got jammed. His mother told him that he was lucky and asked all the kids to go upstairs.

Child Protection Service called on the family multiple times before they intervened to separate the children. The children have been placed in to foster care since.

The Condes were each charged with 10 counts of first and second-degree child abuse and unlawful imprisonment on Friday, the Journal reported. A hearing for Sarah Conde is scheduled for August 3.

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