Unborn baby survives being ripped from her mother's womb during car crash.

A baby miraculously survived after being ripped from her mother' womb and thrown onto a grass verge during a horrifying car crash.

The incident took place on Thursday, July 28, 2018, in Cajati, Brazil, and it is shocking people all over the world as the chances of something like this happening are incredibly low.

According to A Tribuna, a Brazilian newspaper, the driver lost control of the vehicle, which capsized on a motorway and crushed its occupants, but not the unborn baby, who was later found by paramedics.

Elton Fernando Barbosa, the first paramedic to arrive at the scene, told the news outlet that they had been told that there only two people involved in the crash and that he was surprised when he found the baby a few meters away from the truck.

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He recalled seeing the driver, who was severely injured, next to the truck, as well as the female victim, who didn't manage to survive. While the driver was being assisted by the first aid team, Barbosa approached the deceased female.

That's when he heard the baby crying. Surprisingly, the little girl was just fine; she didn't have any scratches, had a good color to her and was breathing well.

Barbosa wrapped the child, who was covered in dirt, with a warm blanket and called an ambulance, which took her to Pariquera-Acu regional hospital's neonatal intensive care ward.

According to the paramedic, the force on the metal crushing the mother, whose identity is yet to be revealed, caused her belly to be ripped open, which propelled the baby out of the womb, severing the umbilical cord in the process.

Barbosa claimed that the incident has marked his life and that being able to help Giovanna, the name chosen by the hospital staff. was one of the most special moments of his career as a paramedic. 

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