Grateful woman adopts stray dog that saved her life from an unexpected attack

25-year-old Georgia Bradley adopted a dog from Greece and took her to her home in Georgia, U.K. after the dog heroically saved her from complete strangers.

The student from Plymouth University, England was on a vacation in Crete, Greece, when one day she happened to stroll around the cool beach of the city, according to a Facebook post by PetFinder.

Unfortunately, while she was walking by herself in a secluded part of the beach, she was approached by two men. They wanted her to join her for a drink. However, everything about the men’s demeanor and their approach felt odd to Bradley.

Bradley refused the men but they did not back down. Following her rejection, they suddenly turned aggressive and one of the men even grabbed her arm.

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She could almost feel her worst nightmare come true when an unlikely savior came to her air and fended off the aggravators.

A dog jumped in between the men and the girl and barked at the two culprits, who were turning aggressive toward Bradley.

It barked at the men until they backed off away from Bradley. Then men were eventually scared that the dog was drawing too much attention toward them. They decided it best to back out.

It gave Bradley a window for making an escape. She ran away and did not look back until she arrived at her hotel.

Only when she reached to the safety of her apartment did she notice the brave dog, whom she later named Pepper, following her all the way to her apartment.

“We had an instant bond. When we left to go to the airport, we looked back and Pepper was running after the car. It was heartbreaking.”

When the time came to leave Greece and return home, Bradley also took Pepper with her by adopting the dog. She flew the dog 6,000 miles to England where it later gave birth to six puppies.

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