Workers see huge pit bull run towards them and flee in terror, but doggy just wanted to play

Construction workers in Brazil could not hide their fear when a dog entered in the house they were working.

When the men first notice the dog’s approach they considered it a dangerous threat. But, they would be surprised when realizing that the animal was very affectionate and the only thing that it looked for was a friendly play.

According to a Daily Mail report, the recording of the fact soon became viral on social media. The video was made in Rodnia, Brazil, and shows the precise moment in which one of the men talks on the phone when he sees the something horrifying is coming their way.

A few seconds later a pit bull terrier walks in several workers jump on the counter terrified of the dog. While the dog desperately seeks the attention of one of the workers, they feel threatened by the animal that does not appear to be aggressive.

Source: Youtube/ViralHog

Source: Youtube/ViralHog

Is it not? At the end of the video one of the workers gets out of his hiding place and approaches the dog with confidence, he notices that the animal only wanted to play and that it never posed any danger for the workers.

Source: Youtube/ViralHog

Source: Youtube/ViralHog

Everybody ended up smiling with relief without any more fear of the dog some approached with affection to play with the friendly visit. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa.

The pit bull escaped from his owner’s house located quite close to the house hi entered in an innocent act that made him win the hearts of thousands of social media users.

It is impossible to deny that animals seeking attention and love melt our hearts, like this cute otter that defriended a man on the beach in front of many surprised looks.

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