7-year-old double amputee hired to model for clothing company

Daisy Demetree, a 7-year-old girl whose legs were amputated Was been given the opportunity to model clothes for River Island.

Daisy's legs had to be amputated when she was only 18 months old due to a birth defect, but that hasn't stopped her from smiling and shining brightly.

She was hired by Zebedee Management, an agency that specializes in working with clients with disabilities, that realized they had a young star on their hands.

Daisy, from Birmingham, started modeling just six months ago after her father, Alex Demetree, encouraged her to pursue modeling despite her disability.

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Although she doesn't have legs, Daisy is completely independent and moves around with prosthetics, which allow her to do anything. In fact, she is quite an active little girl.

According to Zoe Proctor, who works at Zebedee Management, Daisy is an example to everyone that, ' no matter what life throws your way, we can choose to make the best of it.'

Aside from being a model for River Island, Daisy is a talented gymnastic and goes to the gym at least three times a week. She is determined to live the best life she can and it is all thanks to her parents.

Her father has always been very supportive of her and is very proud of the role model that Daisy has become in just six months of being at the agency.

Alex claims that he never treated his daughter any differently and that he always tried to make her realize that she has the potential to be someone truly great.

Daisy's father promised her that he would help her become the best model she could possibly be and Zebedee Management is keen on helping them achieve that dream since the agency takes great pride in their work.

So far, Daisy has posed for several campaigns and even appeared on the catwalk at London Fashion Week, following in the footsteps of Kelly Knox, who was born without half of her left arm and became a star, having participated on Britain's Missing Top Model and worked for several big productions and campaigns in the past 10 years.

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