Mo'Nique flaunts slimmer figure in tight jeans and black T-shirt after recent weight loss

Jul 31, 2018
04:13 P.M.
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The American comedian and actress has shared her recent weight loss journey in order to inspire other women who want to undergo their own major lifestyle change. 


Actress and comedian Mo'Nique has always been known to be big, and has previously spoke out to say "bigger is better" in an attempt to boost the confidence of other women who are considered to be "too big" by society. 

But things have changed in the last few months, and the actress has started to drastically lose weight, which is evidenced in the images and video clips she has shared to her Instagram account. 

Mo’Nique, best known for her role on The Parkers, recently took to the social media site to share photos of herself with 68-year-old comedian Queen Cookie. 


The first image of the slideshow portrayed Mo’Nique alone in the middle of an O-shaped red figure. The actress was wearing tight blue jeans, a black shirt with an image and the word "Queen" on it, and a pair of black wedge shoes. 

Even though the photo itself was wonderful because the figure gave it a fun twist, the aspect that attracted more attention about it was how slim Mo’Nique looked in comparison with her past self. 

For the second, third, and fourth pictures, the actress posed next to Queen Cookie, who had on a sleeveless white and black dress, and a blue, white, and black headband, in the middle of the same round fixture Mo'Nique stood in for the first shot.


"Hey my loves. This women with me is 68yrs old. @queen_cookie_805. Every women needs a wiser women in their life. I am thankful for this beautiful QUEEN. We LUV YALL," Mo"nique wrote in the caption. 

As soon as she uploaded that photo, her fans and followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

One of them was Instagram user Joshua Casey, who wrote that he couldn’t believe this Mo’Nique was the same person who worked in The Parkers.


That slideshow with Queen Cookie was shared just months after the actress shared with her fans that she was under 200 pounds for the first time in more than 33 years.

The actress revealed on Madame Noire that the reason she changed her attitude towards her weight was down to her husband, Sidney Hicks. 

He had asked her what she weighed, and when she told him he expressed concern that she was too heavy, and that he desperately wanted her around for a lifetime, which wouldn't happen if she didn't focus on her health. 

"[He] said, ‘Mama, that’s too much weight. I want you for a lifetime.’ In that moment, I went through embarrassment. I went through guilt. I went through shame, but I had never felt a love like that before. So, that night was when the decision was made: ‘I gotta save my life,'” she said. 


Since then, she has adopted healthier eating habits, and makes time almost daily for some exercise. 


Much of her exercise includes dance, and she has shared numerous videos to her Instagram account of herself dancing either on her own, with friends, with her sons, or with a trainer. 

Mo’Nique tries to use her Instagram account as a way of inspiring other women to reach their dreams of losing weight. In the past few months, the star has been documenting her journey, even sharing some of her exercise videos. 

In one of her posts, she wrote on the caption, "LEVEL UP. My sweet sisters don't be afraid to LEVEL UP. @ciarababy you did this once again. Ohhh it makes you move. Love y'all." 


In late March, she uploaded a video to her Instagram account excitedly telling her fans that she has been over 200 pounds since she was 17 years old and that finally, aged 50, she was under 200 pounds for the first time in her adult life.

"For me it was with no surgery, no pre-packaged foods, not listening to no spokespeople saying ‘it’s easy, you can do it.’ It was just putting in the work and not giving up on me," Mo'Nique said. 

Little by little and with several workout sessions, the actress is shedding pounds. She has been working out with Dwight Holt Jr., a personal trainer who focuses on dancing. Most of the videos of her routines are posted on her Instagram page.


Mo'Nique wants to share her weight loss journey with her fans, in the hopes that she can inspire others to go on their own journey, as well as helping out with fun and fast ways to exercise. 

Due to her transformation, her confidence seems to be at an all time high as she also has been proudly flaunting her grey hair while promoting her YouTube channel. 

The actress lives with her husband Sidney Hicks and her twin sons Jonathan and David Hicks.