LeBron James' daughter, 3, steals hearts wearing purple wig & colorful pajamas in new videos

Zhuri James, the three-year-old daughter of NBA star LeBron James, was recorded 'modeling' to her mother while wearing a purple wig and colorful pajamas.

The videos were uploaded by LeBron’s wife, Savannah, on her Instagram Story, but The Shade Room’s Instagram account saved and published the recording on its account.

In the first file, Zhuri was shown wearing a white pajama with several colorful donuts all over it. While her clothes were interesting, the most relevant aspect of it was the purple wig she put on.

The girl seemed to be posing and modeling while Savannah recorded everything. At one point, the toddler lifted her hand just as several women do when they are in photo shoots, what made Savannah laugh for a while.

She moved on and asked Zhuri what her name was, and the toddler said: ‘Hit-Girl.’ Savannah wrote on the video that her daughter wanted to be ‘Hit-Girl so bad.’

For the second recording, Zhuri was shown combing her wig with a small pink comb. As soon as those videos were posted, fans took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

One of them was Instagram user @bsims09, who pointed out that LeBron’s daughter was very cute and that she had so much personality. @i_said_what_i_said_boo admitted that every time Savannah or LeBron get Zhuri on camera, she is doing something hilarious.

That post was shared weeks after LeBron and his family attended his son’s USBA game. The Shade Room shared another video showing the NBA star trying to pull Savannah up for a dance, but she didn’t want to.

LeBron ultimately pulled her up and hugged her while trying to place her hand on his shoulder, just as if he wanted to dance a slow song.

Zhuri, who was sitting next to the couple, wanted some of the love shared by her parents and requested to be held. The pair let her in, and they shared a beautiful moment while LeBron James Jr. and his team were warming up before their match.

‘King James’ and Savannah have been married since September 2013. They have three children so far, LeBron Jr. (born in 2004), Bryce Maximus James (born in 2007), and Zhuri, (born in 2014).

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