Rihanna reveals her natural hair in new pictures

Rihanna flaunts her real hair in a recent post leading fans to come up with theories explaining her natural look.

If there’s one thing Rihanna’s fans watch out for aside from her music and her fashion, it’s her hair. She’s gone from blonde to brunette, straight and curly, sported weaves and wigs, and she always manages to slay. In her recent post, the singer takes a break from all that to reveal what’s really underneath and fans believe it has something to do with her upcoming album.

In a boomerang clip the 30-year old uploaded on her Instagram story, fans were treated to a glimpse of her natural hair. She tied her fairly short black hair in a set of ponytails and captioned it “Troll.”

It was certainly a delight for fans to see the real deal without the fancy wigs and weaves but it also led them to think something was up. Realizing the singer had nine ponytails on her head, they theorized it was a nod to her ninth studio album in the works. The forthcoming project, tentatively titled ‘R9’ must be the reason for the surprising post as one fan suggested on Twitter.

“Rihanna tied her hair into 9 sections, and since her next album would be her 9th. This can only mean She is COMING [sic]”

Another fan had the same idea.

“Everytime Rihanna makes a major change to her hair is when she’s about to drop an album so if that wig goes on yours is coming off [sic].”

Meanwhile, it may interest you to know that as Rihanna experiments with hairstyles, she makes it a point to keep her tresses in great condition. Her hair stylist Yusef Williams told Refinery29 the singer nurtures her hair with ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Oil which isn’t at all expensive. In fact, she spends less than $6 for the product. Yusef also says they allow the singer’s hair to breathe by giving it a break keeping hair products on on for a short period of time only. 

"You have to let your hair breathe, give it a break, and take care of it. I say that you have to talk to the hair and pray on it. It's real."

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