White woman calls cops on black woman for sheltering from a storm in a doorway

Ksenia Novikova
Aug 07, 2018
04:02 P.M.
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The woman was doing nothing but seeking shelter from a sudden rain storm while she waited for a ride when she had the police called on her for being there. 


Darsell Obregon, an African-American woman from New York City was in Brooklyn on July 22 when it started to rain. Rather than getting soaked, she called for an Uber and decided to wait in a nearby doorway. 

Unfortunately, she had chosen the wrong doorway, as the white woman who opened the door was about to demonstrate her extreme displeasure at finding her standing outside. 

In a trend that seems to be sweeping across the US of white people calling the police on black people "simply for being there," the woman decided to call the cops when Obregon told her she wasn't leaving. 


Rather than react or retaliate, Obregon instead decided to film the incident with her phone, and later posted it to Facebook. 

She shared one photo to demonstrate where she had been standing, and 6 video clips of the woman either on the phone demanding the police come to her rescue, or yelling at Obregon. 

She started by repeatedly telling Obregon that her doorstep is not public property, interspersing it with asking the person on the other side of the line whether an officer was on the way. 


In the second clip, she proceeded to describe Obregon's appearance, calling her "pretty old to be doing this, like 50" and "heavyset." 


When she was asked to describe Obregon further, she added that she was "wearing ripped blue jeans like she's twenty" 

She also stressed that she is the owner of the building. 


When she was asked for her name, she refused to give it, stating that Obregon was recording her and she didn't want the woman to know her name. 

To her credit, Obregon didn't retaliate at any point during the woman's phone call. When her Uber ride arrived, the woman followed her, demanding she stay because she would be committing a crime if she left before the police arrived. 


She actually went so far as to threaten the driver as well, telling him it was against the law, and following the car barefoot along the sidewalk. 


The woman was frantically telling the police that Obregon was trying to leave, and then started to give the car's license plate number. 

In the background, Obregon could be heard laughing as she cut off the last recording. 


The post already has almost 10,000 shares, with over 6,000 reactions to it, most of which are angry. 

Plenty of people also took to the comments, some of whom thought they had tracked the woman down, while others insisted - since the woman had repeated her address numerous times - that people storm her doorstep. 

Others suggested the woman was taking some form of drugs. 

Obregon also included the hashtags "bbqbecky" and "permitpatty," referring to the two previous highly publicized incidents of white people calling the police on African-Americans going about their lives.