August 03, 2018

Momma bear and cubs caught having a secret pool party in family’s backyard

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A video of a mother bear and her five cubs enjoying a relaxing day in a family’s backyard became viral.

Tim Basso uploaded a video featuring the animals as they had fun on the children’s playground and kiddie pool.

The mother filmed the whole moment as the bears roamed free at their backyard in their home in Rockaway Township, New Jersey.

Basso’s daughter, a young girl, can be heard on the background asking what will happen to her little pool.


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At one point, one of the cubs played with the floatie and the child exclaimed, “They took my floatie!”

The video showed how the bear family seemed to act much like humans as they enjoyed their time playing by the slide, the swing set, and the pool.

Source: YouTube/ Tim Basso

The daughter soon asked if they would have to change the water in her pool. The adult taking the video responded that they might have to buy a new pool since the bears’ nails could have torn the bottom of the pool.

Later on, the momma bear and her cubs eventually had enough and walked away from the backyard.


Even though the whole moment seemed adorable, it’s still important to know that mother bears are more threatening when they are with their cubs.

They tend to be protective of their children and their initial instinct is to pounce at anyone who tries to attack them.If ever a family of bears appears in your backyard, it would be best to stay inside, make sure everyone is safe, and call animal control.

Another video of bears invading a swimming pool gained attention on YouTube.

Although, for this video, there were two bears who seemed to be on a romantic date, as they appeared to hug and exchange kisses on the family’s pool.