4-year-old girl steps onto stage to dance and takes everyone's breath away (video)

When Ella Dobler took center stage to perform at a national-level competition, the audience and the judges could not keep their eyes off her.

The clip from Rainbow Dance Competition held in Tampa, Florida, in 2016 was uploaded on YouTube.

Young Dobler’s talent far surpasses her age. She graced the stage with the all sophistication to deliver a dance routine of a lifetime.

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The world was later able to see her incredible performance thanks to her mother who had the camera running for the entire duration of the routine.

Watching her perform, it is safe to say that she loves to dance and has probably been dancing from the moment she heard the music.

Source: YouTube / CarmoDance

Source: YouTube / CarmoDance

The rhythm inside her was extraordinary and she followed it constantly, while her enthusiasm never wavered. It seemed like every moment was filled with reverence of the art form.

As time progressed, her family realized that her skills had to be fine-tuned and she could get into serious dancing.

After all, Dobler was competing on national levels against some of the best child dancers in the country at a young age of four. She has proven to be among the best by bagging top honors at various competitions.

During her performance at the Rainbow National Dance Competition, she danced to the music "Heaven on Earth." She first walks across the stage and sits in the center.

Source: YouTube / CarmoDance

Source: YouTube / CarmoDance

The music explodes, and she does well to keep up with the energetic tune with impressive dance moves.

She moves like a swan across the stage and she has perfected her every move. The sight of a four-year-old dancing like an experienced professional is indeed rare.

There were no surprises when the winners were announced. Dobler took home the first place overall for her routine.

According to Share Tap, the little one continued her incredible performance across the country with her dance troupe, the New Level Dance Company.

She has bagged several prestigious dance awards last year such as the Regional Mini Miss Ruby Showbiz, Regional Little Miss Step Up, and the Petite Miss Leap Sensation.

The video on YouTube was viewed over three million times with more than 22,000 likes. A glance through the comments’ section showed that people all over the world appreciated the little one for her performance. 

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