'Brave' man taunts and punches locked kangaroo in the zoo

The poor animal did not know what was happening. I just saw that a man was trying to hit him with a clenched fist. What a shame!

There are times when we really question the level of intelligence and reason in some humans. The video that you will see in this article is the perfect example of stupidity and abuse of power that we hope will not have gone unpunished. 

Most zoos place posters advising visitors not to harass animals housed to protect them from suffering any kind of stress.

However, it seems that they were completely ignored by this human egotist when he visited an innocent kangaroo in a Turkish park.

A controversial televangelist (religious man preaching through TV) is facing a lot of negative reaction after repeatedly abusing a kangaroo caged in a zoo at the end of July 2018. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

Source: Youtube/Guchie Vee

Source: Youtube/Guchie Vee

In a video shared on social networks, you can see Tuncer Ciftci, a self-proclaimed prophet, mocking a kangaroo that shelters behind a metal fence, as he throws punches at the face of the frightened animal.  

For more than a minute, Ciftci repeatedly tries to hit the kangaroo, which manages to dodge almost all fists. Towards the end of the clip, the man is visibly frustrated by not having managed to hit the animal, so he chooses to slap him and try to head-butt him

Source: Youtube/Guchie Vee

Source: Youtube/Guchie Vee

Behind the camera, someone very carefully films him and laughs out loud while this 'good-natured preacher' does his stupid act.

When the video went to media, dozens of Internet users showed their discontent over the repugnant behavior of the religious man.

It is unknown if the authorities of the facilities took action against Ciftci. But we hope so! No one should get away with it when it comes to animal abuse.

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