Remember Shemar Moore's crazy dance on 'Soul Train'? He recreates it years later

The American actor and former fashion model is known for the fit figure and six-pack abs he showed off almost two decades ago, something he still boasts today at the age of 48. 

Shemar Moore may be almost 50 years old, but he's as built as a man half his age would be exceptionally proud of. He's currently playing the role of Sergeant Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson on S.W.A.T, a man who is supposed to be 13 years his junior. 

Moore made waves nearly 20 years ago on Soul Train, where he showed off his incredible body and dance moves, gyrating about on the show without a shirt on back in November 2001. 

The below clip of the American music-dance television program shows Moore from the 2:20 mark. 

Aside from a slight increase in the amount of facial hair gracing his chin, the star has barely changed in the past 17 years. 

And he was eager to prove that he also still has the dance moves of his early 30's. When he joined the hosts of The Talk in November 2017, Eve questioned whether he still had those same dance moves in the bank. 

Always up for an opportunity to dance, he responded with: "I was shaking what my mama gave me back then and Imma do it today!" before getting up to prove it

He even decided to recreate the original dance as much as possible by lifting his shirt to show off his toned abs, much to the delight of the female audience. 

After displaying his dancing prowess, he discussed his role on S.W.A.T. and the overall show. 

"S.W.A.T. is more than just a hot show, it's content that matters, has humanity, and it's got crazy action," he said on The Talk

He admitted that because of the age of his character, he need to stay in shape for the role, and was working hard to maintain his fighting form. Moore even confessed that the actors of the show were actually being trained by S.W.A.T. operatives. 

"We don't wanna just be cool actors with cool guns running around doing cool things. I mean, yes this is pretend, but we wanna make it as authentic as possible," he explained. 

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