Inspiring story of Al Roker and Deborah Roberts' son's struggle with developmental delays

Al Roker and his wife opened up about the challenges they faced in raising their son. The couple had to endure a difficult situation as their child's development seemed slower than that of other kids.

Since those experiences are a thing of the past, and now Roker shared their experience with the public.

The couple endured a difficult time coping with their of their 15-year old son’s challenges that became evident when he was a baby. This disclosure by the 63-year old and his wife came at the 2018 ADAPT Leadership Awards Gala in New York when they talked to "People." 

Deborah further revealed that they have struggled with this since Nicholas was a baby as the challenges began shortly after he was born.

Roberts, 57,  said that after her son was born, “it was pretty apparent that he was facing some challenges, and we weren’t sure what his world and what our future would be.” She and her husband  Roker decided to search for the best doctors and therapists, and in her words, they "watched him blossom.”

Roker encouraged people to be more receptive and accommodating to others who are less fortunate. 

Referencing President Donald Trump, he said, “There’s been a lot of talk about building big, beautiful walls. Well, we have to tear down those walls, tear them down, make them nice.”

Deborah had encouraging words for parents facing similar situations:

"There has been a stigma over the years, especially if it’s not an obvious challenge that people know, and I think to be able to share and inspire and to give other people the encouragement, I think that life can be enriched and can be better and can be in some ways richer when you are loving and supporting and dealing with somebody who is dealing with challenges."

Now Al Roker has a new original series "COLD CUTS." Recently he welcomed on his show, Sean Evans, the host of the wildly popular series "Hot Ones" — "the show with hot questions and even hotter wings."

On his new show, Roker talks to many famous people while making delicious meals, and asking them provoking questions about their lives. 

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