'Eight is Enough' star living in trailer suffering from disease that killed her family members

After 37 years of finishing the role for which she achieved greater recognition, the actress Susan Richardson lives a Calvary.

The interpreter who played the role of Susan Bradford in "Eight Is Enough", a dramatic comedy broadcast by ABC between 1977 and 1981, suffers from such fragility that reading her statements causes immense sadness. Richardson is aware that her state of health is critical: she suffers from achalasia, a rare disorder that affects the heart and esophagus. The disease that has it between life and death did not allow her to eat normally. As a result, she was intubated to receive food.

Source: Youtube/ Inside Edition

Source: Youtube/ Inside Edition

After that stage, the famous actress improved and was able to receive her granddaughter Miles, when her daughter Sara gave birth on October 12, 2017. However, she went back to decay and now needed a "quad bypass". She suffered a painful coccyx fracture that he fought with morphine and became addicted. In an interview granted in 2013 in Inside Edition, she admitted to being without money, living in an unheated caravan with a dog and a cat, collecting dolls that he collected from the garbage and with serious health problems (diabetes, stomach disorders) that had caused the loss of all the teeth.

Recently, the actress shared on Facebook that the third grade class at Riley Avenue Elementary School in Riverhead NY received a graduation party from her adopted daughter. She prepared a fun music video with eight "Eight is Enough" clips, and personal photos with her visits to her home with her husband Steven, her son Kevin and their baby Miles, Sarah, Rich and Wilbur. All the children obtained a signed copy of her book "Really Loose Mother Goose" that they read aloud with the librarian. Which indicates that despite everything, Susan tries to live a normal life.

The true story of the group of actors of "Eight Is Enough" is not so fortunate. Two of the guys who worked on the famous series drank at breaks. Once the series is over, the best thing that has happened to many of the actors is to return to anonymity: who has not fallen seriously ill has become addicted to anything, and if not, lives in a caravan surrounded by cats.

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