Toddler screams in pain after cutting himself on a playground slide

The little boy had been looking forward to some time on the playground at the park, but things quickly took an ugly turn when he went down the slide. 

Rochelle Lonergan took her two sons, 17-month-old Tristan and seven-month-old Spencer to the park on Saturday, July 28, for some fun on the playground's equipment. 

Lonergan had been taking her younger son out of his pram, while Tristan climbed up the ladder of the slide without waiting for her to help him. 

“He got to the top of the climbing frame and before I could grab him, he’d gone down the slide – he’s a small baby, I follow him around everywhere”, Lonergan told Mirror UK

The tot had gone down head first with his hands out in front of him to catch himself at the bottom, but when he reached the end of the slide he suddenly started screaming in pain. 

Lonergan snatched her son up, only to realize there was blood and and bits of glass on his hands. When she went to investigate the slide, she noticed there was a lot of glass lying on the lip of the slide at the bottom. 

She assumes it was left there by people drinking on the Friday night, who had thought it would be fun to smash glass on the children's playground. 

“Why should they put children’s lives at risk for the sake of having a drink and smashing it? Why not put it in a bin? I thought it was dangerous,” she said. 

She had not noticed the glass before her son had climbed onto the slide, otherwise she never would have left him near it. 

Councillor Luthfur Rahman, responsible for culture and leisure at Manchester Council, was furious upon hearing about the incident, and slammed whoever had smashed the glass there. 

He made a lengthy statement about the incident:

“We all have a shared responsibility for our rubbish and it’s completely unacceptable for anyone to leave broken glass in Manchester’s parks where young people will be playing - but it is beyond belief that someone would leave broken glass at the bottom of a slide where it is clearly a danger. Thankfully this young boy was not seriously hurt but this incident could have been much worse. We would urge anyone who comes across broken glass, rubbish or anything that could cause harm to young people using a park to report the issue to the city council as soon as possible.”

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