Couple return from honeymoon to find 6ft fence outside their dream home

Pedro Marrero
Aug 09, 2018
01:26 A.M.

A couple of newlyweds went away on their honeymoon trip to the Caribbean and they returned to their recently bought dream home only to find a 6ft fence outside of it, blocking the view that made them buy it in the first place.


English married couple Thomas y Rebekah Entwistle fell in love with the view from a house in Blackburn, Lancashire, when they were scouting for a home for their life together, and they knew right then that they had found their dream dwelling.

According to Daily Mail, the couple moved to the property they acquired for £220.000 (more than $280.000) just before Christmas 2017. Read more on our Twitter account @amomama_usa

In early May 2018, the Entwistle’s embarked on an 11-day trip to the Dominican Republic, never imagining what was going to welcome them back at their return. As they arrived at their four-bedroom house they noticed a new fence in front of it.

From what Thomas could gather, the hideous fence that ruined their countryside view was built by the owner of nearby Upper Mickle Hay Farm in response to a dispute over land borders which Thomas wasn’t aware of before.


"This was our dream home and now it's turned into a nightmare - it feels like we are imprisoned in our own house by this fence. We are being held hostage in a land dispute which is nothing to do with us."

-Thomas Entwistle, Lancashire Telegraph, May 27, 2018.

The shocking appearance of a fence that the couple compares to the ‘Berlin wall’ is quite a hit for the young couple as they had to work hard to save the money to cover the cost of the property, and now the place has lost its charm for them.

‘Rebekah and I have just started our own business and had to fight to get a mortgage and then to get this house,’ said a disappointed Thomas.

‘Rebekah is always in tears. She is in despair – there was no warning and the fence just appeared,’ he added.


Persimmon Homes, the housebuilding company that sold the house to the Entwistles, said claimed that everything was clear regarding the ownership of the land, and they held the neighboring landowner responsible for the fence.

‘We understand planning enforcement action is being taken against the neighboring landowner to address the fence, which has been erected illegally and in breach of planning regulations,’ said the company’s spokesman.

Thomas and Rebekah are not the only family affected by the erection of the fence. One of their neighbors had his front path blocked by the 6ft fence the unnamed owner of Upper Mickle Hey Farm built to establish ‘his boundaries.’


On May 30, Persimmon Homes took action in response to the complaints of the Entwistle's and removed the wooden barrier to the relief of the husband and wife, who think that the intervention of the media help them be heard quickly.

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