Morris Chestnut's 21-year-old son is his exact copy in picture together

Monica Otayza
Aug 10, 2018
01:05 P.M.

Morris Chestnut's 21-year-old son proves he is his dad's twin after sharing an adorable photo of the both of them out at a sports event. The picture clearly showed the striking resemblance of the Chestnut boys, who not only share the same height and body structure but even facial features.


Grant Harris is Morris Chestnut's son with his wife Pam Byse, whom he shares another child with named Paige. Although he is quite hidden from the spotlight, Grant's Instagram page eventually reached the media after he shared an adorable photo of him and his father while watching a game.


Family time is important for the Chestnuts, who always make the most out of their time together as a family. They are often spotted hanging out with one another on different occasions, showing off their close-knit ties as a family.


According to BCK Online, what keeps their relationship strong is knowing how good of a mother and wife Pam would be even before they got into a relationship.

“One of the things that made me truly realize that I wanted her to be my wife is the way she was. She has three older sisters and they have kids. Her nephew was very young at the time, and when we were dating I would see the way she was with kids. I’ve always thought that she was a good person and attractive and all that, but one of the primary reasons why I wanted her to be my wife was because I knew that she would be an excellent mother to my kids.”


Eventually, Morris did end up pursuing Pam, and the two fell in love with one another. The actor admitted that it was not just his wife's physical beauty and attractive personality that made it easy for him to fall in love, but his instinct of her being a great mother due to him experiencing her love and care first hand.


They got married in 1995 and had two kids. The couple has done a great job raising their teenage kids, with the proud father teaching them just one simple thing that he hoped they would carry on until they got older: to be good all the time. The actor also shared that between him and Pam, it was her that their children are more afraid of and not him.


"From an early age I would always teach my son, ‘I don’t care what your sister does, you never hit a woman.’ It took a while because kids are kids. But, ‘Never, ever, hit a woman. I don’t care if she does it, you always come tell me.’ I’ve never hit my daughter. My daughter worries about her mother before me. I’m a strong disciplinarian, and they always know certain things are going to get a ‘no’ from me. But when they know they’ve done something wrong they don’t want to feel the wrath of their mother.”

Now that their children are all grown up, it has been much easier for the happy family to spend time together. They have been seen attending the same events and parties together, bonding over things that they can do now that they are young adults.

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