8-year-old boy falls 31 feet after being pushed off a waterslide by 18-year-old

The teenager, who is reportedly exhibited certain developmental disabilities, was taken into custody and charged with third-degree assault.

Maple Grove Minnesota resident Roman Alexander Adams is facing charges after he pushed an 8-year-old down 31 feet near a water slide in the city.

As reported by People, the incident took place earlier this week at the Apple Valley Family Aquatic Center in Minnesota.

18-year-old Adams reportedly lifted the 8-year-old who was waiting in the queue for the water slide and flung him down, causing the victim to sustain several injuries.

The police have revealed that the two boys did not know each other, and Adams was standing behind the 8-year-old when he committed the crime.

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Nick Francis, the Captain of the Apple Valley Police, stated that Adams was subjected to questioning, in which he claimed that the queue was moving too slowly, which triggered his drastic action.

Francis also revealed that Adams exhibited certain developmental disabilities during the questioning. He was at the park with a woman who was hired as his professional caretaker.

The police captain asserted that Adams did know that pushing the boy down the slide platform was going to harm the child. The boy is also said to have confessed to the act and also conveyed his remorse over it.

A spokesman for the Dakota County Attorney’s Office confirmed that the teenager will appear in court on September 17 and that he has not put forth a plea.

Another detail that came to light was that the dispatched team of policemen found the 8-year-old boy to have broken his leg. Further medical examination revealed that the boy had sustained several fractures and also had a broken femur.

Francis shared that the boy was still in the hospital, and his family had insisted on not revealing his identity. He added that the family wished to focus on the proper recovery of the child.

Adams had been arrested into the Dakota County Jail on a bond amount of $50,000 and was released shortly thereafter. He is currently facing a sentence of 5 years at maximum, in prison in addition to a fine up to $10,000.

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