Watch this news anchor's 'farting' slipup on live TV

She was reporting about the devastating wildfires that had spread in California when she accidentally said "farting" instead if "fighting."

MSNBC news anchor Stephanie Ruhle was live on TV when she was reporting the latest update on the California wildfires, also dubbed as Carr fire. She was talking about how the state was fighting one of its most massive wildfires.

Ruhle apologized for her blunder as soon as she uttered the word but found it difficult to keep a straight face during the rather severe news broadcast.

Social media users were quick to point out Ruhle's blunder and pitched in with their opinions on Twitter.

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Comments from the social media users ranged from mocking the 40-year-old newsreader to appreciating her professionalism post the blunder.

One user, Anne Marie, posted a GIF of a woman doing a spit take and said that she admired Ruhle's professionalism as she only broke a smile after saying one of the most embarrassing words on a live broadcast.

Marie confessed that she spilled her coffee when she saw the footage. Another user, Clyde Barrow, said that Ruhle was not far off from her original description of the state of California.

A Twitter user with the username "Madman" confessed that he always loved Ruhle but now loved her more after the blunder. 

Ruhle's blunder was a slight distraction for some people in contrast to the horrific news of the raging wildfires.

As of August 10, the fast-moving Carr Fire has burned over 181,000 acres of land destroying numerous homes on its way. According to Yahoo, only 6% of the fire has been contained.

The fires created an orange glow as it burned the trees and traveled through the dry bushes since it first started on July 23. The Carr Fire was declared a national disaster on August 4. 

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