Man with Down syndrome visits Queen's guard brother but his sudden movement sends him running

Ksenia Novikova
Aug 15, 2018
01:31 P.M.

Sam, who has Down Syndrome, went to visit his younger brother, Jack, who guards the Queen at Windsor Castle, for the first time.


A video was uploaded to YouTube by The Specials, which was from the second episode of the second season of the series. As Sam gets accustomed to his brother’s work nature for the first time, the footage caught both emotional as well as a hilarious moment between the brothers.

The video begins with Sam being taken to meet his brother by two other members of the Guard, Lieutenant Bragger, and Sergeant Baggot-Moore.

As they walk onto the beautiful ground of the Windsor castle, the two guards brief Sam about his brother’s duties and responsibilities.

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Source: YouTube/The Specials

Source: YouTube/The Specials

They tell him that his brother would not be able to talk to him or even look at him until his duty is over, so they want Sam to be prepared for that. After his shift would be over, they could sit together for a cup of tea, the guard promised.


As the three of them approach Jack, Sam is visibly delighted to see his brother in his full winter uniform. Sam approached his brother but he does not even or even spare him a look. He maintains his stone-faced posture and form.

Source: YouTube/The Specials

Source: YouTube/The Specials

However, to acknowledge his brother approaching, he does stomps the ground and does a quick ‘come to attention’ which is permissible as per the rules and regulations. Hilariously, his brother’s sudden stomp of feet does scare Sam and he quickly runs back to the other guards.

Later, the guards take him on a tour to the private guard’s chambers, which normal tourist does not get to see. There, is the private chambers, Sam finally finds his brother, who is now out of his uniform.


When Sam spots him, he quickly runs toward him and Jack carries him up in his arms as if carrying a small child.

Many people across the world know the Queen’s Guard as a major tourist attraction, but this disciplined department of soldiers have been an important part of the royal defenses and of Windsor Castle which was built in the 11th century.

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